I love Charity Shops!

I’m so excited! While on holiday I was rooting around in a small charity (as I do…..you never know what you might find), and I came across this little gem. It’s a book of vintage patterns for little people up to the age of seven. It’s full of beautifully drawn pictures of the clothes. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the patterns and work them into something more modern and up to date. As the pictures are drawn (and not photographed), it will be fun seeing what the final outcome looks like. I think I’ll have to play around with the patterns before I get them just right, however that’s half the fun isn’t it?

This brings me onto a subject that I feel passionate about. I love Charity shops. They are a wonderful resource for keen crafters. You can find anything if you look hard enough. they can be a great source of inspiration too. I’ve seen things and thought ‘I don’t really like that but if I pulled it apart……’. The other week I found an old sheet with a beautiful print on it and it was only a couple of quid. I was looking for something at the time for a friends Hen Party and the theme was anything for £3. It was a real find! I wanted to make something really nice for her and something that she’d enjoy, so I bought it and used it to make a bag (so that she can do all the shopping now she’s going to be a wife…..it’s a joke present….I don’t expect her to do all the shopping). I hope she likes it, her Hen Do is actually tomorrow so we’ll have to wait and see!

The best thing about Charity Shops is that they are normally cheap enough so that if something doesn’t work out, you haven’t lost that much money AND you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve given money to charity. It’s win win! Have I convinced you yet? Well over the next few months I’m hoping to blog about a few re-fashioned items with the hope that it will inspire you to re-use and recycle 😉

Oh yes and one day soon, I’ll write about the joys of a good Car boot!


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