Poor Teddy

I have a thing for Teddy’s. I love them. I especially love making them, rescuing them and giving them a new, fresh lease of life. This poor Teddy is my latest project. I rescued him and decided to help him out. Here are a few pictures of him before I started.

He needed a lot of stuffing. As you can see his little head wouldn’t stand up on its own. Left on his own he would flop forward (which was very sweet but not very practical!).

As you can see he only has one eye and his nose needs a lot of work.








Here he is! I didn’t end up doing that much to him, he really only needed a touch up here and there but what a difference it makes! I decided to give him new paws as the ones he had were starting to come away. I used two buttons to give him some new eyes, re-positioned his ears and gave him a lot of new stuffing. I think the thing that made the biggest difference though was his new nose! While I was there I gave him a friendly smile too.



Teddy doesn’t have a name yet but he does seem to be settling in nicely. My son loves his new friend 🙂













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