Reuse and Recycle

Here’s a little 10 min project to revamp old hair accessories.  I promise you, this took no more than 10 min (and that included taking the pictures!) What you need: An old hair band that is flat on both sides (well no raised bits); a scrap of fabric and fabric/multi-purpose glue.

Hot pink has never been ‘my’ colour. I picked this up from a clothes swap a few years ago because I couldn’t bear to let it be thrown away. I’ve already taken the black fabric strip off (you’ll see what I mean in the last picture) because it came away really easily – you don’t need it.

Scrap of fabric from an old shirt. Wrap the fabric around the hair band and cut to fit (I covered the band completely but you don’t have to, you just need to wrap the fabric round to the bottom side of the band). Glue it in place and let it dry.

Brand new hair band!


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