Ferret Fun

My Sister is very creative (in fact both of my sisters are very creative). She did Fine Art at Uni. A few months ago she did this doodle and put it on Facebook. I loved it! It’s so sweet. She’s just moved into her first house so I wanted to make her a house warming pressie and seeing as I’m trying out my embroidery skills, I thought I would embroider this picture for her. To be honest it is only meant to be a bit of fun.

The first thing I did was copy the drawing, from my lap top into my sketch book. I then traced it onto some dress making paper and transferred it to a piece of fabric. If you look at the picture you can see that it there is very little colour in the picture. I love the way that the red is picked out in the picture but it is essentially a pencil sketch. I wanted to make it bright and colourful, to try and capture it’s children’s picture book style. I also had to decide how I would fill in the shading as that much black would have looked wrong and I didn’t want to add fabric to this project as I haven’t done that before (I didn’t want to try it and for it not to work).

Here’s the drawing I did and the colours I chose. I always talk about my little boy. I think he will love this as he loves trains and bright colours! I think it loses a little of the original depth but hopefully it still looks ok.

Changing the subject slightly (bear with me there is a point to this). I’ve managed to find a local sewing group (well a needle craft group). They are a lovely bunch of ladies (mostly over 60!). There is such a wealth of knowledge and talent there. They have been very helpful with this project, lending me a couple of books with different stitches in (most of them I’d never seen before). I’ve had lots of fun flicking through these books as well as making new friends with the lovely ladies. It’s funny actually as it turns out that most of them know my mother in law and so my husband. When I came in with my little boy, one of them looked at him strangely: turns out that he is the spitting image of my husband and she recognised him (well sort of – she thought, he looks like someone). When I told her what my surname was, the blocks fell into place lol.

Anyway getting back to my project. Here’s the finished picture. It’s been a lot of fun. I know that in a few months I’m going to look back on it and see all the mistakes I made but at the moment I’m really pleased with it. I hope my sister is too!


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