A few things I love

We were on holiday recently in Devon. It’s a place that I’ve never really visited (always either driving through it to get to Cornwall – a county dear to my heart – or holidaying in one of it’s neighbours). I completely fell in love with it. We stayed in mid Devon and it was beautiful. Not too far from Tiverton or Exeter. There was a very nice pick your own fruit near us, which we visited on more than one occasion. Anyway this is really taking me away from my original point.

On the last day of our holiday we went to a craft fair in Exeter. If you are anything like me (an avid craft lover) you will love craft fairs. I love seeing what other people can do and craft fairs are the perfect place to appreciate peoples different skills. This craft fair was particularly  good. It was large without being too large and everything there was of a very high standard. I have to confess that I usually go to these things and when I see stuff that is similar to what I do, I appreciate it but don’t buy it because a little part of me thinks that if I wanted something like that I could probably make it myself and have the satisfaction and fun of making it. Of course I never do make it, so I should probably buy it and support other crafters like myself. These are a couple of things that I saw and just had to get (to be honest there was so much stuff that I liked, I had to restrain myself, we only have a small house and don’t need new mugs; cushions;  paintings; hand carved beautiful things etc).

This is a badge and a button from a ceramic jewellery designer, Kate Bartholomew. I have to admit that it would be hard to find anything more ‘me’. I love this flower design on the brooch and the delicate blue flowers. I also love the buttons, with a touch of purple around the edge and the blue flower in one corner. I’m not sure what I’m going to use the buttons for yet, as I want to wait and use them for something special. I’m already wearing the brooch 😉 They are beautifully made and and I love the thought that has gone into the design of them.If you’re interested she doesn’t seem to have a website but you can contact her at katesbeads@googlemail.com

I said before that I rarely buy things at Craft Fairs, well this next brooch I just had to make an exception for. There is no way I could make anything this detailed. I had a lovely conversation with the lady who made this. She was very passionate about what she did. I am gutted to tell you that I lost her business card (if I find it I’ll post her details here!). She had a whole range of embroidered pictures, brooches and also some ribbon flower brooches (a little like the ones I make for my shop). This was beautiful though. Even before she started talking about her craft I had fallen in love with these little birds. It makes a perfect accessory for any bag!


Anyway these are just a few things that I found and loved that I thought I’d share with you. If you’ve been to any craft fairs recently or found any good buys, I’d love to hear about it!


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