Folksy Friday

As a seller on folksy I think it’s good to appreciate all the other lovely hand crafted work that is on there so every now and again I will be doing a ‘Folksy Friday’ blog post of some of my favourite items that I’ve found that week.

To tell you about where this week selection comes from, I have to take you back to a little coffee shop on a late summer afternoon (I know how you all love a story!). I have the privilege of making a changing bag for a friend (she liked the one I made myself – see earlier blog post). We decided to meet up over a coffee and discuss colours, slight variations on the design etc (ok it was really an excuse for a good girlie catch up). One of the biggest changes was to the design on the front. I used buttons to make flowers but she has a passion for sunflowers (they were the theme for her wedding last year). I’ve loved sunflowers for a long time although never managed to grow them. We went on holiday a few years ago to France and there were fields full of them. It was stunning. They always make me think of Summer. So………I’ve decided that this weeks Folksy Friday theme will be sunflowers as a last salute to Summer (or a denial that it’s coming to an end!)

This lovely brooch is made by ‘made with love‘. I really like the detail on the leaves as well as the effect the different layers of felt have. Really effective!

I absolutely love this wreath by ‘Pauline’s Crafts‘. I think it’s been beautifully put together. The ivy and the sunflowers compliment the colour of the wreath really well. Stunning!

Although I’m in denial that Autumn is on it’s way deep down I know it is (it’s our towns autumn show this weekend). What better way to enjoy a comforting mug of hot chocolate than to have this sweet little ‘Mug Hug‘?

Finally I just had to add this little fellow from ‘BeeBeeCraft‘. I think ‘Bertie’ suits him! I especially like the picture of all the bees in the window (you’ll have to check out the shop see what I mean).

Well that concludes this Folksy Friday. Hope you’ve enjoyed looking at pretty things as much as I have!


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