The Hat

Well, I think I have been very good with regards to a certain festival that is fast approaching. The whole way through November I haven’t blogged about Christmas once! I’m afraid that is about to change. In the spirit of ‘make do and mend’ I want to blog about some simple crafts that can either be made from things around the house, or are really cheap to buy. So watch this space!

This is my last hurrah before throwing myself fully into the Christmas spirit and although it’s not really Christmasy, it is, I suppose still seasonal.

I must confess that I have had a problem with my son. As some of you may have realised, the cold weather has finally made it to this little isle of ours. Now my son is at that age where he will not wear hats (he is also at that age where his hair is still quite thin). As a keen crafter I was determined to make him a hat; a hat that would tempt him to wear it. In the summer I had great success with encouraging to wear his little jacket by sewing a lion patch to the back. So when I saw a pattern in ‘Inside Crochet’ (a very good crochet magazine), I couldn’t help myself. I managed to use wool from my stash, so thought that if it didn’t work, I had only lost a couple of evenings of fun crafting! Here are some pics:

Can you guess what it is yet?

It’s a lion hat! It’s also been a huge success! Little monkey absolutely loves it, which I suppose it the point. It was actually a very easy pattern to work with. It was actually a bear that, once finished could be converted into a lion by adding the mane. The pattern used chunky wool but as I didn’t have any in lion colours, I decided to used 2 strands of DK wool (1 bright yellow and 1 pale yellow – the pale yellow, stops the hot being overly bright). The mane took me longer than the hat did (which I managed to crochet in an evening). It was however a lot of fun and well worth the effort.


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