Christmas is coming

It’s almost Christmas (or as my Advent Calendar helpfully said today – only 5 more sleeps to go). For me it has finally started to feel Christmasy. We put our decorations up last week as we were hosting a small Christmas party for the group we go to on a Thursday. It was a lovely night. Everyone brought a little something (whether that was food; drinks or games that we played). I enjoyed  getting together with friends and celebrating this time of year. I felt particularly festive this weekend as I spend a lot of Saturday Carol Singing outside our local Morrisons, followed by singing to some residents in a nursing home, just around the corner from us, with a group from church. It was good fun but rather cold (the winter weather is finally here!)

Anyway here’s one last festive decoration. Last year I bought a plain Christmas wreath from a certain Swedish shop. It’s a fake one and didn’t cost me that much. I decided that I would decorate it. Here’s the result:

I decided to attach some glittery gold baubles (with some craft wire) and tie some bits of ribbon on; all stuff that I had in my box of stuff. It is exactly how I wanted it but you could add whatever you want in whatever colours you like, or have lying around the house.  The best thing about it is that it can be popped in a bag, stored in the loft and got out next year too. If you fancy a change next year, you can just take off what you want and replace, or add with other bits. You also don’t have to be crafty at all to make it!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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