Make Do and Mend it!

Probably about a year ago I found a little charity shop. It was one of those old style ones where there is so much stuff, you have to really look hard, but when you do you can find many hidden gems! Well I did look hard and hidden under a pile of stuff, I found a little blue bag. I wasn’t a wonderful bag. It had a very cheap plastic gold chain for a handle and it was a very plain royal blue  fabric outside and lining. I have to admit, it was a little sorry looking – very good condition, just not much to it. However I saw the potential and very happily handed over 50p to purchase it! I also found at the same time a plastic bead necklace (which at the time I just liked the look of – as I said in my last post, I am a bit of a magpie), again, I happily handed over 50p. Anyway, these two have sat in my box for almost a year, waiting for me to decide what to do with them. Well I have finally decided what to do:

I took the plastic gold chain off and replaced it with the necklace. Then there was the problem of how to decorate it. I had originally decided to do some embroidery but couldn’t decide on a pattern. Anyway, the other night I made some little felt flowers (just for fun). When I looked at them, I realised that the flowers would look lovely on my bag.

Here’s one of the flowers sewn onto the bag. I used black thread and sewed the flower on with a series of French knots. I added a couple more flowers then decided that it needed a little more, so I did some embroidery after all!

I used the left over thread from my pearls to sew a few lines in. I think it finishes the design off nicely, don’t you?


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