Springtime in Sunny London

I know I promised to write a tutorial on how to make the poppy flowers from my bags and I fully intend to. However I’m afraid that I have been waylay by some very important crocheting (ok it’s not really that important but a friend of mine has just moved into her first house so I wanted to make her a small present….am I forgiven?). I will upload pictures of the poppies when I get a chance to make them.

This week, the weather has been lovely and I have to confess, I have spent a lot of the time that I haven’t been crocheting, in the garden with little man (who is finally at an age where he can enjoy the garden). I am a firm believer of making the most of the weather while it’s here, although it has added to my list of things to sew (I realised that he has grown out of his sun hats and as I have fabric squirrelled away as well as a lovely pattern, I should really make him a new one).  The other thing that has happened this week is that the flowers have all appeared. We don’t have a very big garden, living in London and I am hardly the best gardener (I tend to kill anything I touch, and worst of all is that I’m not quite sure what I’ve done wrong; so any signs of life are a very welcome sight!

Here are some spring photos:

Bluebells that have found their way to our front path (you can just see our dog in the background finding one of her favourite places to lie in the sun)

Little blue flowers that have popped up on our doorstep (a very welcome addition, are they forget-me-nots? See I told you I was really bad with the garden!)

Millie enjoying the sun.

Millie posing for the camera (she’s a rather opinionated Jack Russell cross).


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