Easter Baking

Easter is always a big deal in our house. I think food is always a big part of any celebration and in our family, I love making food! Here are a couple of my favourite Easter treats:

These are a firm family favourite. For the rest of the year we use cornflakes but at Easter we substitute them for shredded wheat and add little chocolate eggs. I like this recipe as you make your own chocolate. If you make these by melting chocolate and mixing in the shredded wheat (another way of making them); the shredded wheat can be a bit crispy. The chocolate in this recipe, soaks in slightly so it isn’t so brittle! It’s perfect for making with little ones as it is a very simple recipe that doesn’t involve much cooking and has no eggs (so they can lick the bowl at the end!). I’m not sure exactly where the recipe originally came from as I’ve been making ever since I was very small. Here it is, if you fancy making it yourself:

Easter Nests

Shredded wheat (8 large ones)

2oz cocoa powder

8oz icing sugar

6oz margarine

2oz golden syrup

Prepare cake cases (This recipe should make 24 cakes; I use silicone cake cases). Break up the shredded wheat in a separate bowl (there shouldn’t be any clumps, just lots of tiny sticks). Melt the margarine and the syrup (I do it in a heat proof bowl in the microwave, it takes about a minute). While you are doing this, measure out the cocoa powder and icing sugar (you can sieve it so that there are no clumps later). Mix in the melted margarine and syrup and stir until the mixture has thickened slightly, is smooth, with no lumps. Add the shredded wheat and stir until all the tiny ‘sticks’ of wheat are covered with chocolate. Spoon the chocolate mixture into cake cases and make a slight dip in the middle (so it looks a little more like a nest). Place 2-3 chocolate eggs in the middle of each ‘nest’. Leave to set (it won’t take very long), then enjoy!

Here is another Easter favourite:

I won’t post the recipe as it is very long winded, a real labour of love. It is a variation of an Easter Cake but mini. It is my husbands favourite cake, but unfortunately as it is so time consuming, he only gets it once a year. Still it is very yummy and well worth the time and effort!


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