A few random bits

Hello lovely blog readers.I know I haven’t blogged for a few weeks. To be honest I haven’t had a good few weeks but things are definitely on the up. Firstly I won one of these personalised canvases by ‘Name Art‘. I still can’t believe it as I never win things. My little man will love it!I’m not sure when it will come as it’s personalised. The artist draws the designs by hand and incorporates your chosen name into the design, before it goes to print. She does a lot more things than just the one I’ve chosen (I also really like her twitter addict mug).

It’s the little things, isn’t it that makes the difference? This week is the last week of term for me (I work in a playgroup that is linked to a University and only runs during term time). It’s a very small playgroup, only 11 children and 3 helpers. I always find this time of year sad as I’m often saying good bye to children that I’ve got to know over the last year (or last few years) who are moving on (either to pre-school or relocating to other parts of the country). One of the parents bought each of us helpers a little box of biscuits with a thank you card. It was such a sweet thought.

She obviously thought carefully about how to present the biscuits. I always think presents that have had a lot of thought put into them are the nicest. The biscuits themselves are shaped to fit over the rim of a mug (how nice is that?!). I feel very spoilt!

Speaking of little things that make your day; I found this second hand book for 10p (yes I know, 10p!). It’s full of different stitches with lots of full colour pictures.

I also found this little chap on one of fairly regular charity shop trips. He’s very sweet, I liked him immediately. He has found a new home on my kindle case and seems to like his new position (it’s a very important position, I’m addicted to my kindle and take it everywhere!).

Finally I recently inherited these lovely cats (which used to belong to my Grandma). It’s funny the things you remember. My Grandma died when I was quite young but I have very fond memories of her (dressing up in her jewellery, playing at cooking with her etc). One thing she loved was cats. She always had cats. I think she used to take in strays off the street. They all loved her. These really reminded me of her and when my sisters (who are younger than me and don’t remember her as much) said that they didn’t mind me having these, I was over the moon. I now have to decide where they are going to live. I kind of don’t want to split them up but at the same time, I kind of like the idea of them appearing in random places around the house.

I think this one is my favourite, so she might stay where she is.


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