Big Celebrations

It’s hard not to notice that the Jubilee and the Olympics are coming. There are signs everywhere you go. Whether it’s the torch travelling around the country or all the bunting that is up to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this weekend, everywhere is full of national pride. Walk into almost any shop and you’ll be confronted with at least one product with the Union Jack on it! I’m all for celebrating. I don’t think we have a chance to celebrate enough in this country. It’s important to celebrate who we are, including all the diversity. Living in London, I have the privilege of meeting people from all over the world; a lot from cultures that are very different from mine. It’s wonderful.

Each year at this time in our Church we take one week out and celebrate all the different nations that attend. It’s an amazing time. Everyone is encouraged to wear their national clothes. I love seeing the variety and the colours.

Here’s what I went for. The dress is actually a top and skirt I made with an under skirt I found in a charity shop. When I thought about what to wear, I thought about what I would wear to a wedding then found some Union Jack material. I also made the head dress thing, which as I actually made this outfit last year but failed to get a picture of me wearing it, you can see on this post. It tells you briefly how I made it. It’s amazing what you can do with an old bracelet, some fake flowers and super glue!

This is what little man went for. I made a cape from a flag, which he absolutely loved!

Back to Church, we have lots of songs (and dancing). It was great seeing everyone enjoying themselves so much.

Then people from each nation carry their flag across the front and read a Bible verse in their own language.

There were so many beautiful dresses, it’s hard to pick my favourites. I do love the colours of these though.

Over all it was a wonderful day. I love celebrating the diversity and unity that we enjoy. There are so many different cultures coming together. I’m glad we take one day out a year to celebrate 🙂


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