Christmas Felt decorations.

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat (or should I say my sewing box, as it’s stuffed full of handmade Christmas projects). This year I haven’t been making so much, as I’ve been focusing on small presents (and large ones: little man is getting a dinosaur cape if I can manage to whip it up in time). I have however had time to make a few new felt decorations. Now we have our tree but we haven’t decorated it yet I put the decorations up 2 weeks before Christmas. I have however, as a one off special, for this blog, put a couple of my decorations on the tree so you can see them (you don’t know how lucky you are!).

IMG_0810I know they look over sized. The reality is they will probably be strung up and hung around the house, I just thought it would be fun to photograph them on the tree.

IMG_0813Here’s a close up of one of the hearts. They are amazingly simple to make. All you need is two felt heart shapes, contrasting thread and some ribbon.

IMG_0820-001Take one felt heat and sew on the holly leaf detail (I used back stitch) . If you don’t fancy holly leaves, you can sew anything really.

IMG_0822Place the ribbon between the two felt hearts (with the holly leaves facing out). Start by sewing the ribbon into place with a small running stitch and carry on working your way round, going through both layers of felt.

IMG_0817-001These lovely felt baubles, I found on a lovely blog. I won’t tell you how I made them as you can pop over there yourself and check them out for yourselves. Needless to say I had a lot of fun making them. They really reminded me of decorations we had as children (except those ones were made of a shiny plastic foil).

IMG_0824-001Well that’s all for this post. I hope all your Christmas crafting is going well. Next time I’ll probably show you some of our decorations, once they are up (mostly because I get so excited, I will have to share it with you as hubby isn’t fussed either way, well not in the same way I am!)


6 thoughts on “Christmas Felt decorations.

    1. Thank you 🙂 We’ll decorate it properly this week with decorations that are a little more in proportion (I say that, I may get over excited and go for the ‘homemade/a child has decorated this, look rather than sophisticated).

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