Saturday Shopping List

Now I am sure that you are all supper organised people who have finished their Christmas Shopping and are in no way going out this weekend to do any……..but just in case, I thought I would share a couple of my favourite Folksy purchases. I haven’t done a Folksy Friday in a while (yes yes, I know it isn’t a Friday today), but it is getting very close to Christmas now and probably one of the last days you can order things online and get them in time for Christmas.

So here are my favourite last minute Christmas buys:

  Crochet blanket I love this crochet blanket by Annabel Burton. I think what I like most is her use of colours: bright enough to cheer up any winters day as you snuggle up under it.

Flower BroochYou may recognise this brooch by The Linen Cat as I have linked to her before (I love her stuff!). Her brooches are actually some of my favourite stuff that she makes. They are so versatile. I would put them on bags, hats, dresses, coats and they even inspired me to crochet some flowers to go on my kindle case. A lovely present at any time of the year!

Badger bowl I had to include this badger bowl by Julia Smith just because I love it. She does a lot of other animal related pottery (all just as sweet), so do check out her shop. I’m big on colour combinations and I think she manages to combine style with attractive colours combinations.

Blue cupsI think what I like most about these mugs by David Green (apart from the colour, which as it happens would fit beautifully into the colour scheme I have going on in my kitchen), is the beautiful fluted lines he has worked into the design. Imagine sipping your tea from one of these?! Lovely.

Pengine cupWho can help but fall in love with these little guys (designed by Beverley Gee) once you’ve seen them? Please have a look in the shop. The way she has created the penguins is delightful. I also like the yellow tree (I’m a little bias as yellow is my favourite colour but I think it’s very effective).

Owl blanketThe final thing on my Saturday Shopping list is this beautiful Children’s quilt by Carole Sampson. In my opinion this is the perfect thing for any little persons room. If we didn’t already have a number of quilts that I’ve made already, I would be very temped by this one (which is a big compliment as I suffer from the condition not uncommon amongst crafters where I admire other people’s craft but rarely buy it as I can normally make something similar myself and have the fun of the creative process at the same time).

Well that’s it for this week. I hope all your seasonal preparations are going well and you aren’t too stressed!


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