A quick catch up and such stuff

Ok hands up who is secretly glad that normal crafting can resume now the Christmas session is over. o/ (that’s me with my hand up). I loved crafting and making Christmas bits to decorate the house and give as presents but a large part of me is relieved that I can now go back to working on whatever I fancy rather than working my way through a ‘to do’ list. Of course I do have a relaxed ‘to do’ list. It mostly involves making some cardies and dresses for Little Miss in time for her making an arrival in the Spring. I haven’t let myself indulge in this up until now as firstly I was very ill to begin with and secondly I’ve had a lot to do! Now however I am enjoying being able to sit back, relax and knit up some quick cardies (baby knits are so quick to make!). Watch this space to see how I’m getting on.

Anyway, before I get onto that a quick catch up with what’s been going on here. I said before Christmas that I had been very busy but couldn’t share anything because most of what I was making were for pressies. Well I though you might like to see one thing I had a lot of fun making (if you follow me on Twitter you would have heard a lot about this but not seen any pictures yet).

IMG_0853-001Hee hee, I made little man a dinosaur cape!

IMG_0859I had to hand sew most of it because I misplaced  my sewing machine but as it turned out, that was a good thing because I was able to take it to the hospital and sit and sew while I had a fasting blood test (for those who don’t know it’s to check for diabetes, which can occur during pregnancy – the test lasts about 3 hrs, so plenty of time for sewing! Thankfully the results came back saying I was fine). I think the people in the waiting room probably thought I was mad but it meant that I got it finished!

IMG_0851Now for my latest blanket. Again if you follow me on twitter you would have heard me talking about this but not seen the fruit of my labour due to the fact I’ve only just been able to take a decent picture of it! The Saturday before Christmas a large package arrived in the post. It was was full of wool, sent over from Denmark by my lovely sister in law as a birthday present. She knows me so well! Sometimes surprise wool is even better than carefully choosing it for myself. In this case it definitely was! She actually bought me some wool a few years ago which I hadn’t used yet, so I incorporated it into the blanket. The wool is a lovely chunky mohair mix. I wanted to make a blanket as I made a small one a year ago but little man has adopted it as his own, but couldn’t really justify buying more wool to make it. So yay! It was a very quick project. I started it on the Saturday (after a few false starts working out which size hook to use as the wool band was in Danish) and finished it on Boxing (with a break on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as we were visiting my parents and they have dogs which delight in playing and chewing anything they can cheekily get their paws on). It was very relaxing to do and I’ve been using it ever since!

Finally, I’d love to know what projects you’ve got planned for this year. If you are doing or thinking of doing the 1 Granny square a day check out my friends blog. She did it last year and is doing it again this year! I love her blanket from last year, and it was wonderful reading her blog about her project as she went. She also often puts up hints and tips which are always useful!


3 thoughts on “A quick catch up and such stuff

    1. Thank you. I got the pattern from a magazine that has now been discontinued but you could adapt a normal cape pattern. I think my little man will grow into it over the next year 🙂

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