Crochet Bunting

Well I’m now at that point where little miss is only a few weeks away from her due date. So I have been very busy trying to get ready as well as juggling a little man who is desperate to start at pre-school next week. I think we will both enjoy him going!

Over the last few weeks, I have enjoyed being able to focus my ‘nesting’ energy in making some lovely things. Last blog post I showed you what I;d been making for little miss. After finishing, I decided to treat myself to a few things. Hubby bought me the wool to knit a shawl for Christmas, so I decided that it was now or never. When I finished that I knitted another one (they are different styles and have different functions). Both were fairly quick knits and I enjoyed learning to knit lace. When the weather gets a bit nicer, I’ll try and take some nice picture of them. While I was doing that I had a couple of crochet projects on the go (the kind that fit in your handbag as shawls are a little to big to carry around!). I made a little grey bunny and some baby booties for a friend who is due 2 weeks before us. Now I have finished I’m crocheting a lace poncho (optimistically hoping that spring is just around the corner). However I also wanted another ‘handbag’ project. I decided to make this bunting:

IMG_8101Can guess where I’m thinking of putting it? 😉 I took the pattern from this lovely book:

IMG_8102I have another Nikki Trench book and thoroughly enjoyed using this pattern. I did however make a few changes (when don’t I?). If you look at the original picture, the stars that make up the main body of the bunting are joined to each other  at 2 points. They also have little flowers hanging from every couple of stars. Here’s what I did:

IMG_8088You can’t see it too clearly but I decided to crochet the little flowers in between the stars rather than hanging them from them. I also decided to join the stars at one point rather than two. I chose bright colours as I want to cheer up the nursery (which has a lot of lovely white furniture in!). I think the yellow flower is my favourite though. It really reminds me of spring!

IMG_8092Here’s a close up. The stars themselves were really quick to crochet as there are only a few rounds to work.

IMG_8093When it came to joining the flowers and the stars I did have to play a little bit until I got the effect I wanted. What I did was join the white yarn to the point on the star that I wanted to join. I then chained 8 (4 of those make the base ring for the flower). I then started making the flower however with this change; when it got to the petal round, rather than slipping the second slip stitch of the second petal, into the next dc (UK terminology), I slipped it into the third chain from the star, then slipped that into the next dc (this anchored the flower to the chain). When I finished that round, I chained two and dc it toe the next star. The only other change I made was to join the stars to the red chain at the top with a treble rather than a dc. Over all I’m really pleased with the result and I can’t wait to put it up in the nursery!


3 thoughts on “Crochet Bunting

  1. Your crochet garland is lovely, beautiful spring colours and very pretty with the changes you made on the little flowers. I hope all goes well with little miss’s arrival. Oh PS, I have a horse almost exactly like yours, which was mine from the 70’s! Bethx

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