Charity Shop Finds

Any of you who read my blog regularly will know that I am a bit of a charity shop fiend. I love make do and mend as well as hunting out a bargain.  I have however in the last few months been very strict with my finds as it is possible to have too much stuff. Saying that I had to give in and snaffle up a few bargains (or ‘gems’ as I like to call them). Apologises for the poor quality of a couple of the pictures my camera is still in a grump with me after being replaced by a new camera (which I think has been kidnapped by said  old camera).

IMG_8035I found this little vase with a sweet flower pattern on it in a charity shop I frequent a lot and had to bring it home. I understand that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I love it I think it looks great with the daffodils and can’t wait until I can fill it with more spring flowers.

IMG_8053This is a little guilty find of mine (I blame it on being pregnant). It’s a beautiful little tea set. I couldn’t resist it and now have to decide whether to be selfish and hold onto it until Little Miss is old enough for it or give it away. I have a feeling I might keep it as I would have loved that kind of thing when I was little. I actually got asked when I bought it whether it was for me (my bump obviously wasn’t showing enough) or if it would be a present.

IMG_8037Finally, I’m really excited about these two pepper pots. They are made of glass and silver but were really cheap (made even cheaper by the fact that they were a pair of pepper pots rather than a salt and pepper pot set). I got them for 50p (bargain!!!!)

IMG_8038I have been searching for something like this for a year now and was even more excited when I found out that they were both pepper pots. I’m sure the ladies in the shop thought I was some crazy lady. Can you guess what I might want them for? Here’s a clue:

IMG_8039Notice all the holes in the top? Here’s another clue:

IMG_0389When I originally designed these daisies I was looking for something exactly like those little pots but couldn’t find anything. They are now very much at home in the vase I did find but I loved the idea of making little crochet or button ornaments presented on wire. I’m going to have fun finding things to fill these pots with.


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