IMG_5238Sweet Williams

IMG_5244Isn’t Summer lovely?

IMG_5242Very pretty colours

IMG_5198I was given a beautiful boutique of flowers so I decided to split it between three vases to spread the joy.

IMG_5234It just so happened that I saw this vase in a local charity shop. Goes well don’t you think? By the way, Roses and Lillies are two of my favourite flowers.

IMG_5197The last of a beautiful boutique that I was given.

IMG_1035Little man knows I love flowers and so brought his favourite ones in from the garden for me 🙂

I have nicknamed this week, ‘The week of flowers’ and has provided some well needed relief from what is a crazy few months (you know the kind; head down, can’t see the end  but ploughing on through type thing).

Finally, we had a celebration last Sunday as Little Miss was Dedicated (our Church’s word for Christening).

IMG_5181It was fun to have an excuse to get out the sugar butterflies and glitter.


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