Meet Charlie

Do you remember this?

IMG_1241And this?

IMG_1362Did you guess what it would become?

IMG_1364I gave you a clue……

IMG_1555Well here he is. Meet Charlie.

IMG_1557Hee hee, isn’t he fun?

IMG_1564I can’t take any credit for this lovely pattern, it is the creation of the wonderful Bustle and Sew.

Do check out her website and blog. She has a lovely way of writing and a large range of patterns (this one is in her free patterns).

IMG_1566I added these beads for the tail which I saw, loved and bought over 10 years ago (typical magpie, I’ve hoarded them thinking that I would eventually find something to use them on).

IMG_1557Overall I’m pleased with the end result. It’s the fist time I’ve tried patchwork with hexagons. In the pattern instructions it says to sew them together with a zigzag stitch but I wanted to sew it together in the more traditional way (mostly because I wanted to try the technique out). It’s a present for Little Miss for Christmas (I know it’s early but I have a few things that I’m planing to make for the little ones for Christmas so I need to start now!).


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