White Water Rafting

I was going to be really good and put up my pattern for the bow ties we were making in the Summer Workshops I took a few weeks ago (and I will in the next few days, I promise!). However yesterday I was lucky enough to go white water rafting at Lea Valley (where all the Olympic stuff was last year). It was amazing fun, so I thought I would share some of my favourite pictures with you.

IMG_9789Going through the safety briefing (what to do if the boat flips and you get trapped underneath,; what to do if you fall in and break you leg; how not to tie a safety rope around your neck etc etc). I have to say I wasn’t at all nervous until we did the safety briefing. ps. the throwing your arms in the air was a bit of a Titanic moment (and also how to have fun when you are at the front of the boat).

IMG_9670All of us before we set off. I’m the one in the yellow hat (the hats are colour coded: yellow means not that confident in the water……..I haven’t been able to swim for years because of my Chronic Fatigue so although I used to love swimming I was a bit nervous!).

IMG_0565-001Here we go!

IMG_0568Getting used to paddling through the rapids 🙂

IMG_9865Into the waves!

IMG_0572More waves 🙂

IMG_0564Surfing the waves.

IMG_9886More surfing. We managed to flip the boat just after this! Our instructor took us in the largest wave because we’d been doing so well. It was fun but I’m not sure I’d want flip again! I got stuck under the boat (only for a couple of seconds but it took a couple of tries to get out), then when I did come up the boat was behind me and I had to keep pushing it away with my feet to stop it crashing over me again! In the safety briefing they say you have to turn around and float down stream looking where you are going so you don’t crash into anything (obviously!) but I couldn’t as the boat was behind me. Luckily a current caught me and pushed me towards the side where I was rescued by one of the friendly safety men and was able to climb out (am I dramatic enough?! lol).

IMG_9869Over all it was so much fun, I would definitely do it again! Also having faced my worse case scenario and survived (lol I know that’s pathetic and I really should be more brave!), I wouldn’t be nearly so nervous next time round.


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