A new Skirt

I may be celebrating a significant birthday in a couple of weeks and as a birthday present, Hubby kindly booked me onto a dressmaking course at the wonderful Love13 I’ve always enjoyed sewing and make a lot of things, however I have never had the confidence to make my own clothes. I have tried but have only had a little success. Recently I have started to make little clothes for little miss. It’s fun and I’m enjoying learning how garments fit together but what I really want is to be able to make clothes for me to wear. I love blogs like The Tailorfairy and Thimbles and Threads. Its has always fascinated me how people take complicated paper patterns with all their different pieces; cut out flaps of fabric (pins sticking out everywhere) and make them into beautiful items of clothing.

Imagine how happy I was then when hubby presented me with my present. Not only was I going to learn to make a simple skirt (and learn all the proper techniques) but I was going to have 5hrs of child free sewing! Well last Saturday I rolled up to Love 13 and I have to say it lived up to expectations. I actually made a skirt with pockets! I don’t have a picture of the skirt that made as it is really a full length summer skirt. However I was so pleased with what I managed to achieve that I made another, shorter version in autumnal colours.

20130927_082254Here I am in my new skirt. I am holding Charlie as apparently, according to Hubby, it is near impossible to take a good picture of me without using a prop!

20130927_082426(playing with Picasa)

I’m really proud of my skirt. I even managed to whip it up in an hr (it is supposed to be done in half an hr, which I think I might have managed if I hadn’t have put pockets in!). What was more surprising for me was how simple it was. Normally I make so many mistakes that I finish thinking that I’ll never try anything like this again!

IMG_1778It’s given me the confidence to try something a little more ambitious. I thought I’d try this one next (if it turns out ok I’ll post a picture).

IMG_1782I’ve also decided to try and make this for little miss. The lovely Thimbles and Threads sent me some fabric as part of the winter swap we did and I’m going to use some of it to make some dungarees. 🙂


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