My first Square of 2014!

I’m rather excited about this post as it’s the first square of my 2014 blanket. In my last post, I told you how I’m aiming to crochet a square a week, then at the end of the year, I’ll have a 2014 blanket. I’m pretty proud to say that I’ve actually finished my first square. Would you like to see it? Well here it is:

IMG_1964I chose this as my first square as I finally took down our Christmas decorations (with much sadness…you know how much I love sparkly, pretty things), and this reminds me of some of our decorations. It’s not too late to join in with us. Head over to my facebook page or my friend Ali’s page

Now I had decided that as last year wasn’t the most fun year for me, this year I would try and remember things I’ve enjoyed in the week, or can be thankful for, while I’m making my square. Well this week; week one; was a challenge, I can tell you. Poor Little Miss has had a chest infection and has cut her first tooth, all over New Years. So I was sat this week, trying to do my square, after having very little sleep, really to be honest, because I’d decided to commit to this blanket and I’m stubborn. I find that when things seem over whelming it’s good to take a step back and this reminded me to do that. I laugh at myself sometimes because we’ve had a wonderful time with family and friends over the last few weeks but as soon as things get a tiny bit difficult, suddenly the world is ending (yes I am that dramatic!). This square reminds me of all the special moments we’ve had and looks forward to the coming year the memories that will be made.


2 thoughts on “My first Square of 2014!

  1. Thank you. I’m rubbish with tying colours together so it will be fun to see how the blanket turns out. I’m not going to do all the squares the same. I did think about it but I decided in the end to have a collection of all kinds of squares. I’ll put a white border on them all and join them in white so hopefully each square will look like a tiny picture, framed in white. If I do it again, would definitely do all the same to get a completely different look. I’d really like to do a hexagon one 😉

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