A weekend in Brighton

I was lucky enough to spend last weekend in Brighton for my sisters Hen weekend. I won’t share the many fun and exciting things we got up to (what happens in Brighton stays in Brighton etc etc), but I will give you a sneaky peak at where we stayed.


It was so trendy that it had random bits of black rope hanging from the ceiling…..I’m not sure why……Seriously though, it was a great place to stay.

I said I wouldn’t share any details of the Hen Do, and I won’t, however I did slip out on Sunday morning (you know what it’s like when you have kids…..you wake up whether they are there or not *sigh*). It was a beautiful fresh morning so, as I love the sea I went in search of it. It was such a treat being able to have a relaxed walk all on my own (and by that I mean without little people pulling at my leg all the time demanding attention) that I had to take some pictures. Enjoy.


Apart from the stunning building, notice the clear blue sky. You would never guess that we are now half way through October would you?


The Pier.



Well me trying to show little man that I visited a pebble beach but in an arty way…….I’m not sure I can really pull off ‘arty’ lol.


The Sea.


The Pier again.


Selfie on the beach (Hubby, Little Man and Little Miss had just sent me a pic of what they were doing, so I thought I’d send one back).


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