Summer Holiday fun

Here in the UK we’re most of the way through our Summer holidays. Any of you out there who are parents will appreciate the hard work it takes to entertain little ones who are used to being challenged and stretched every day at school. There are huge parts of the holidays that are fun and other parts that are rather mundane (real life doesn’t stop just because the children are off). Getting the right balance can be rather tricky! We’ve had indoor picnics; made sofa dens; played outside; gone to the park (many times); walked the dog; had a afternoon home cinema (watch a film with popcorn, floor cushions, their favorite blankets etc); as well as done a couple of days out type things. However, by far the best thing we’ve discovered to do (something that we’ve come back to again and again) is playing with Hama beads (I think they are called Peerler beads in the US). If you don’d know what they are, they are little plastic beads that you put together to make a picture and then iron to hold the beads in place. Not sure what I mean? Well here’s a couple that we’ve made:


These are coasters. They make great coasters as they are heat proof and can be washed. Here’s another one (we like floral designs, can you tell?)


Little Miss is a little young to make them but she does love to sort the beads out. It’s been a great way for her to practice her colours. Little Man is old enough to get enjoyment out of them. He’s been working hard to build up his collection of various characters.


He likes Mario. They both like certain yellow beings that appear to have taken over……


They are seriously Minion crazy! We haven’t made any into keyrings yet but the next ones that will inevitably be made are earmarked for keyrings. Despite all of these, the thing I’ve discovered, that I personally think is the best thing about hama beads is that they pack flat but are great little toys. They have seriously saved many a long car and take up almost no room! They are definitely a hit in this household! If you fancy having a go yourself, there’s loads of inspiration on pintrest. My Hama Bead board is here.


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