A tale of two blankets

This time last year I was working on two blankets. One of them was my 2014 ‘Granny Square a Week’ blanket and the other was a blanket for little man, inspired by his love of a certain hama bead Super Mario character we’d recently made.

Well I did manage to complete my 2014 blanket and on time! Here it is:


It was a real labour of love. 2014 was not an easy year for me and I’m glad I didn’t attempt to do a square a day, otherwise I’d still be hooking it! Despite that, I’m really pleased with it. I decided half way through that I’d make it for little miss and thankfully she loves it. I know the colours don’t all work perfectly but for me it does sum up the year and each square has a special memory and meaning.

Blanket number two was completely different. While I was making this blanket for little miss, little man expressed a wish for a blanket of his very own. I was racking my brains to see how I could achieve this when I saw him playing with the hama bead Super Mario Character we’d recently made. I don’t know it was because I had squares on the brain thanks for my granny square blanket, or what but I realised that if it worked in hama beads, I could probably make it work in crochet squares (I subsequently found out later that I am, unsurprisingly, not the first person to think this). Here’s how it turned out:


Little man loves it and it lovely to see them both cuddled up in their respective blankets.

(If you fancy having a go at the Mario Blanket, I’ll publish a pattern in my next blog post 🙂 )


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