Cakes, Cakes and more Cakes

Here in the UK this time of year isn’t just the beginning of Autumn, it’s the culmination of weeks of blood, sweat and tears that is otherwise known as ‘The Great British Bake Off’. If you are unfamiliar with GBBO, it’s basically a TV programme where the best home bakers in the country compete, all trying to be crowned the Great British Bake Off Champion. Each week they attempt to tackle 3 baking challenges or ever increasing difficulty………sometimes to the point of the ridiculous (I mean what was the point of setting an obscure technical challenge that no one has heard of and doesn’t stand a chance of completing properly?!). They then get judged; their bakes ruthlessly pulled apart; and finally one lucky baker gets that weeks ‘Star Baker’ (although sadly they don’t get given an actual star) while another is sadly sent home. Despite the gentle jokes, I do love watching the programme. I enjoy baking although, I’m not nearly as gifted as all the bakers in the tent. I like being inspired by the amazing ideas they come up with.

Well in celebration of the semi final tonight I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourite bakes that I’ve been making this year.


This was the cake Little Miss wanted for her birthday. It’s actually really easy to make (although it takes a while to do the icing). It’s made of 3 round madira cakes that (two go on top of each other to make the main bear head, and one that is cut up to make the nose and the ears). The rest of the bear effect is made by piping icing to look a little like fur (I started on the outside and worked round and in, so the over lapping looked more ‘fur’ like).


These were my favourites. I made them for World Book Day (because we do that now Little Man is at school). I adapted our favourite chocolate biscuit recipe and added sliced almonds to look like Gruffalo claws. Next year in the run up to world book day, I’ll blog the recipe 🙂


Finally, my ‘Show Stopper’. We’ve had a few big birthday’s this year and I wanted to make something special for them. This is a Kransekake. It’s a Scandinavian celebration cake made of marzipan. I love it! Next week, if you’re lucky, and to celebrate the GBBO Final (ahhh excited and sad at the same time!!!!); I’ll post my recipe with a photo walk through.


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