World Book Day

World Book Day is nearly upon us (3rd of March 2016 in case you are wondering). If you are anything like me, the thought of putting an outfit for school together is slightly scary, especially when it has to be themed. I don’t know why but the moment Little Man says he has to dress up as a book character, my mind goes blank. We read together all the time but for some reason I am unable to remember any of it. I think its the mild sense of panic, along with all the overwhelming practicalities (it has to be worn all day at school; not too hot or cold; able to survive the playground/classroom/dinner time; be good enough so his friends don’t laugh etc etc etc………..ok I may be over thinking this!) that does it. Well I’ve finally solved it (for us at least) and I thought I’d share it with you in case like me, you are desperately look for inspiration.


Here is Mr Fox (or Fantastic Mr Fox; Mr Tod; the fox from The Gruffalo….or whatever for you like). He’s fairly simple to make. You do need basic sewing skills but or very basic!


I started with felt in the colours I wanted; an orange hoodie (could be red or brown, I just happened to find an orange one first); buttons for eyes (but these could be made out of felt if you prefer) and fur if you want to add a tail (which I wouldn’t have done except that I had some spare fur fabric and couldn’t help myself!).

Draw rough shapes for ears, nose; eyes and white bit around the nose on a piece of paper. Cut them out and check that they are the right shape/size for the hood. Snip bits off if you need to until you are happy (if you snip to much off, start again, it’s paper). When you are happy use these bits of paper as the templates (that’s right you’ve just made pattern pieces) and cut out your fabric. Now here’s the lovely bit. Because you are using felt, you don’t need to worry about any ends fraying which means that you can now sew the felt onto the hood without worrying about any fiddly folding over edges etc. Pin the eyes; nose and snout pieces into place so they don’t move and sew away (I used running stitch ). If, like me you want ears that stand up, cut 4 pieces of brown felt and 2 pieces of black. Sew the black pieces onto one brown piece each (you should now have 2 brown pieces with black and 2 without). Take 1 brown and 1 brown and black, put the right sides together and sew. Turn the right way out. Repeat with other ear pieces. Place on the hood and sew into place. Sew buttons on the eyes and you’ve finished!

You now have a fox outfit that is wearable, comfortable and if you used acrylic felt as a pose to 100% wool felt, is also washable!


You can use the same principle to make anything you want to. We’ve made dinosaurs but you could make lions (Wizard of Oz); Raccoons; Cats; Dogs….the list goes on!


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