Super Mario Blanket

In my last post, I shared with you the two blankets I made for the little people. Well in this post I thought I’d share with you how I made the Super Mario Blanket. It’s an easy pattern (you only need to be able to make one square and then join them together) but it does take time.


I used Stylecraft Special DK from the wonderful lemonade yarns. I chose to make it this size as firstly my little man isn’t that big and secondly, I wanted him to be able to use it without it feeling too heavy. The squares are quite dense. I’ll let you know the number of balls you’ll need for each colour as well as how many squares you’ll need to make. You should get 28 squares from each ball. If you are finding you’re getting less, then you’ll need more wool (obviously). You’ll also need a 4mm hook and I’m using UK terminology.

1 ball of Green (make 22 squares)

1 ball of Yellow (make 2 squares)

2 balls of Black (make 30 squares)

2 balls of Royal Blue (make 32 squares)

2 balls of Red (make 38 squares)

2 balls of Peach (make 41 squares)

3 balls of Sky Blue (make 59 squares)


Ch = chain

ss = slip stitch

tr = treble stitch

sp = space

dc = double crochet

How to make the square:


Ch 4 and ss into first ch.

Round 1: ch5 (counts as 1tr and 2ch sp), work 4 tr into the foundation ring, ch2, work 4 tr into the foundation ring, ch2, work 4 tr into foundation ring, ch2, work 3 tr into the foundation ring and ss into the 3rd ch from the beginning of the round.

Round 2: ss into the 2ch sp from previous round and ch5 (counts as 1tr and 2ch space), work 2tr into 2ch sp, *tr in each tr from previous round, 2tr in 2ch space, ch 2, 2tr in 2ch sp* Repeat *to* 2 more times, tr in each tr from previous round, 1tr in 2ch sp and ss into 3rd ch from the beginning of the round.

Round 3: Repeat round 2 then fasten off.

Well that’s it. Now all you need to do is make many of these and join them together 🙂 I joined them by dc them together along every edge but you can sew them if you prefer. Here’s a larger picture of the blanket so you can see clearly what order they go in (sorry about the quality of the picture, I have to use my phone camera and it’s not the best!).


To finish off the blanket I dc around the edge in black. I personally like it as a way to bring everything together but you don’t have to.

If you do make this blanket, I’d love to see how you get on. Please post a picture on my facebook page or tweet me.

Granny Square Week 5

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you are having a good weekend. Week 5 is a little late this week due to the fact that the weather has been so bad, I haven’t been able to take a good picture! Well I’ve given up and am just posting the best one I could take. So here is the square for week 5:


I loved this square when I made it for my last granny square blanket, so I decided to make it again. I wanted to start changing the colours too as I realised that so far, I’ve been using a lot of pinks. This is my attempt to get more colours into the blanket.

Here is my other attempt at more colour.


Now I know that I am meant to be working 1 square a week but I need to work 4 extra squares over the year to finish my blanket. I always crochet more in winter so I decided to work another square this week. Yellow is my favourite colour. It’s such a sunny happy colour. There have been so many grey rainy days this winter that I decided to brighten it up with a sunny square. I really enjoyed making this square as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so I sat down with my yarn and hook and played until I had a square I liked. I’ll post the pattern when the little people let me sit down and post it properly!

Here are the squares already joined to the previous squares:


Well that’s it for now. Week 6 will be up soon 😉

A Little Bit of Embroidery

If you read my blog then you may remember me saying that I had two aims for 2014, one was to create a 2014 crochet blanket (to make one square for it, a week) and the other was to finally make an embroidered blanket designed by the lovely Bustle and Sew.

20131230_152407This is the book I’m working from. It’s inspired by her little girl (now grown up) who carried her teddy everywhere she went. There is one block for each month of the year, all remembering the various adventures the two friends went on together. I’ve been meaning to start this all month but haven’t had the courage! I haven’t done much embroidery before although I love it, and I really want to do a good job with this blanket. However, you’ll be proud of me, I’ve finally started it. Would you like to see?

IMG_1982That doesn’t look that much like a January themed square I hear you say. Well yes, I know, that’s because it’s not. I may have been brave enough to pick up the needle and thread but not actually start the pattern. This is the label to go on the back of the quilt. I haven’t finished the bear yet but I’ve enjoyed doing the rest of it. If you keep an eye on my progress you’ll notice that ‘Rosie’ on the quilt has different coloured hair to the little girl here. That’s because I wanted to make this a tag of myself. When I was little I also had a teddy that I took everywhere. He was so loved that my Mum had to sew him up many times and in the end have little clothes knitted for him, which I’m pretty sure keep him together! I think that’s why I loved the idea of this quilt so much. So this patch (sewn onto a vintage handkerchief ) will go onto the back of the finished quilt. At least I’ve started it now!

Happy New Year (well almost)!

I guess this is the time of year to look back and reflect on the last twelve months. I hope 2013 treated you well. For me, there have been ups and there have been downs. Little Miss has definitely been the brightest point of my year and every day brings me more joy.

It has been a hard year also. You really don’t need to hear me moan so I won’t. All I will say is I have high hopes that 2014 will be better than 2013 and to remind myself of this, I have decided to join a number of bloggers and fellow crocheters in making a 2014 blanket. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, do pop over to A Crochet Addict’s Blog or here to see her plans for her 2014 blanket. The basic idea is to work a square (or in the lovely Ali’s case, a triangle) every day and at the end of the year, you have a blanket. I won’t be able to work a square a day but I am aiming to work a square a week.

20131230_131153I’m excited about starting! I was given this book for my birthday this year and am going to make some squares from it.

20131230_131212I’m also going to make some squares from this book. I think the challenge is going to be limiting myself to 52 squares but I love the idea of having a blanket at the end that carries the memories of the previous year. It’s not too late to join us! You can work a small square a day, or every other day or like me, one a week. The main thing is have fun with it. I’d love to see what you come up with, so feel free to pop over to my facebook page and post pictures of what you come up with!

I’ve also decided to start sewing again and am going to make this lovely blanket designed by Bustle and Sew.

20131230_152407Well this is what I’m aiming to do in 2014…’ll have to check back here ever now and again to see how I’m getting on!

Another Crochet Blanket

Ok, it’s not a surprise to anyone who reads this blog regularly that I love Crochet. In fact you may also have noticed that I have a tiny obsession with crochet blankets. Well here’s my latest (in my defence, crocheting smallish squares is the perfect activity to stop you going to sleep at 3am in the morning when a colicky baby won’t let you put her down). I hope you like it as much as I do.

IMG_0970I chose bright colours as this might well make it to one of my many friends who are expecting little ones of their own but don’t know yet what they are having. Again it’s a buggy/car seat size blanket as I’ve found these immensely helpful with both my little ones.

IMG_0972 I used Wendy’s Jubilee wool which is 25% wool. The colours have come up so well and the feel is so nice that I’ve actually bought more wool so I can make Little Man a big version to go on his bed!

IMG_0971The border I took from issue 3 of the new crochet Magazine ‘Simply Crochet’. They used it for edging towels but I thought it would look perfect on this blanket. It needed some kind of edging but I didn’t want anything too frilly as I don’t want it to be girly. I had to tweak it slightly but I think it works really well. It definitely looks better that it did without the edging.

Folksy Friday – Crochet Blankets

Firstly, Happy Easter! I hope you are all enjoying your long Easter weekend. Secondly, I have some good news, Little Miss decided to make an appearance (hence why I haven’t been around for a while). We love her, she’s such a little sweetie and Little Man loves her too, which is very good.

Anyway, getting back to this weeks blog. All of you in the UK will know that the last few weeks have been very cold over here. When I say very cold, I mean there has been snow on the ground (and believe me, in London, that is an achievement!). On a side note, we found it mildly amusing as when Little Man was born it was just as cold and there was also a lot of snow (he was born in the middle of Winter). We never thought we’d need snow suits and warm blankets for Little Miss (last year in March we had a mini heat wave). Anyway getting back to what I was saying (I’m so easily distracted!). I thought that this ‘Folksy Friday’ post should be a crochet blanket special. I have to say that all I want to do at the moment is to curl up under a lovely warm blanket.

crochetblanket1My first blanket is my the lovely Lucy Welsby. I love the mix of colours and the diamond effect. It would make a beautiful baby blanket or the perfect lap blanket for those chilly nights.


The second blanket is this beautiful ‘granny square’ blanket by The Sunroomuk. I think why I like this blanket so much is the use of bright colours which go beautifully together (I’m always envious of people that can team up bright colours like this as it is not a gift I have).

crochetblanket2I think this blanket by Frank&Olive Crochet looks really warm and snuggly. I think the circles in the squares in are really effective. I also like the bright colours on the white borders. Lovely.

crocherblanket3When I saw this blanket by EileensCraftStudio I fell in love with it. I know that it is a knitted blanket but I think it’s really effective and I love the crochet detail worked into it. When I look at it I can imagine being wrapped up in it or throwing it on one of my little ones beds. It really has the feel of a family favourite!

crochetblanket5The final blanket is by Tatjana474. I’ve just started crocheting some lace items but this is truly stunning. I would love to get to this standard! It’s so pretty!

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my Folksy Friday post. I have no idea when I’m going to be able to blog again but I do have some ideas floating my head. Hopefully by the time I get round to it Spring will have well and truly made an appearance!

Little Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

I’ve had fun this week making a baby blanket for our new pram, so I thought I would share it with you (I know, you’re welcome). It’s a very simple blanket as it’s mostly made up of ‘granny’ squares. Here it is:

IMG_0908I used 4ply and a 3mm hook. You can either make this blanket bigger by using DK, Aran, or chunky wool (increasing the hook size); or by simply adding more squares. I’ve tried to make the pattern simple and included pictures to help you see what I mean/what it’s supposed to look like!

Here’s the pattern (I’m using UK Terminology):

ch chain

chsp chain space

dc double crochet

htr half treble

tr treble

ss slip stitch

For the squares: ch 4 then ss into first ch to form a ring.

IMG_0881Row 1: ch 3 (counts as 1tr), 2tr into ring, *ch1, 3tr*. Repeat *to* 3 times, ch1 then ss into 3rd of 3-ch from beginning of the round.

IMG_0883Row 2: Ch4 (counts as 1tr and 1ch), *miss 3tr, [3tr, ch1, 3tr into next chsp], ch1* Repeat from *to* 3 times. [3tr, ch1, 2tr] into next chsp then ss into 3rd of 4-ch from beginning of the round.

IMG_0884Row 3: ch3 (counts as 1tr), 2tr into chsp

IMG_0889Row 3 continued: *ch1 [3tr, ch1, 3tr] into corner chsp, ch1, 3tr into next chsp*. Repeat from *to* 3 times. ch1, [3tr, ch1, 3tr] into corner chsp, ch1 and ss into 3rd of 3-ch from the beginning of the round.

IMG_0891Row 4: ch4 (counts as 1tr and 1ch). 3tr into next chsp.

IMG_0895Row 4 continued: Work your way round as in the last round, working [3tr, ch1, 3tr] into each corner chsp, 3tr into the other chsp’s and ch1 over each set of 3tr from previous round. When you get back to the beginning, only work 2tr into final chsp then ss into 3rd of 4-ch from the beginning of the round.

IMG_0899Row 5: ch3 (counts as 1tr). Work your way round as in the last round, working [3tr, ch1, 3tr] into each corner chsp, 3tr into the other chsp’s and ch1 over each set of 3tr from previous round. When you get back to the beginning, ch1 then ss into 3rd of 3-ch from the beginning of the round.

IMG_0902Row 6: ch2 (counts as 1htr). Work a htr into each tr and chsp from previous round. When you get to the corners, work 3 htr into the corner chsp. When you get back to the beginning, ss into 2nd of 2-ch from the beginning of the round. Fasten off.


Make 16 of these squares then dc them together.

For the border:

Row1: ch 3 (counts as 1tr) and work 1tr into each htr from the squares. When you get to corners, [tr1, ch1, tr1] into the middle htr. When you get back to the beginning, ss into the 3rd of 3-ch.

IMG_0910Row 2: ch 5 (counts as 1tr, 2 ch). * 1tr, ch2 (missing 2tr from previous round)* . Repeat *to* except on the corner chsp where you need to [tr1, ch2, 1tr]. If you get to a corner and you can only miss 1tr from previous round, still ch2, miss 1tr and then work the corner as usual. When you get back to the beginning make sure you ch2 then ss into 3rd of 5-ch.

Row 3: ch1 (counts as 1dc), then work 1htr, 1tr, 1htr, 1dc into the next 2chsp. Carry on working round like this: [1dc, 1htr, 1tr, 1htr, 1dc] into each 2chsp. When you get back to the beginning, ss into the next 2chsp and fasten off.

IMG_0904Here’s the finished blanket, waiting to be used. By the way, if I disappear over the next few weeks, it’s hopefully because little miss has decided to join us and I’m too tired to make any sense on a blog!

The final ‘Granny Square a Day’ Blanket

It’s been a long time in the making but I’ve finally done it (big tick off my new year crafty resolutions!); here’s my finished ‘a granny square a day’ blanket. If you are new to my blog I started doing it last July and was only meant to do it for a month. However it was never finished as a certain little miss decided to make her presence known and I was so sick, I couldn’t even look at anything to do with crochet for the first 4months and couldn’t look at my blanket until a few weeks ago (I have the same problem with anything to do with the Olympics: morning (or all day and night as I like to call it) sickness is weird). Anyhow, I decided that it was time to finish my blanket. These are the final 5 squares:

IMG_8065Due to the fact that I have lost my camera I had to take these once the blanket was finished. Also I had to use my old camera which decided to be grumpy (presumably it felt neglected) and refused to focus properly (so sorry for the bad photos). This square is a simple granny square with the last two round done in dc (UK terminology) to give it a bit of added stability. I love these three colours together and think they look really pretty. I decided at this point that it was going to be a girlie blanket.


This square is my salute to Spring (it’s just round the corner people, I promise!). Part of my reason for doing this was to learn different techniques and effects so that I can be more versatile in the future. The decision to do two different colours of yellow was completely inspired by my love of daffodils (a spring favourite in this house) and had nothing at all to do with the fact that I ran out of the first yellow yarn (I haven’t convinced you have I?!).

IMG_8068This square was one that I had done previously and enjoyed so I thought I would add another one.

IMG_8070This time I decided to crochet a little heart to go on the square. I think the pastel blue and pink go really well together. The wool was left over from the baby blanket I made before Christmas for a friend but I bought the wool while I was on holiday and when I started this blanket.

IMG_8077I’d done this before in different colours but wanted to see what it looked like in one colour. I also felt that the blanket needed a block coloured square to tie it together.

IMG_8073This is another square that I made and enjoyed so decided to make another one. I actually lost the pattern to this one so had to work from an existing square. It was good for me to work it out and not just follow a pattern. I feel I understand crochet more than knitting and it’s given me the confidence to work out my own squares.

IMG_8063Here’s the final blanket. I’m really proud of it. Every square has a story behind it and it’s lovely for me to look back at it and remember the inspiration behind each square. I’ve even kept in a couple that I did when I was starting to feel sick (where the colours don’t quite fit). I won’t ask you which squares you think they are! I crocheted a white round in dc on each square and then dc them together. I felt that it needed a border but it had to be quite ‘light’ as anything else would detract from the blanket itself. The border is simply 1 treble, *ch 3 (missing 3 dc from previous round – which is actually the white border I did around each square), treble 1*. Repeat from *to* except in each corner where you treble 1, ch 3, treble 1 into the corner dc from previous round; until you get back to the beginning. I did it in pink and then changed to white to *dc, half treble, treble, half treble, dc* into each 3 chain space from previous round (repeat *to* in each 3 chain space until you get back to the beginning).

I know it’s not the best looking blanket in the world but I love it. It’s a great lap blanket too and has already wrapped little man up in the car on quite a few cold journey’s.

A quick catch up and such stuff

Ok hands up who is secretly glad that normal crafting can resume now the Christmas session is over. o/ (that’s me with my hand up). I loved crafting and making Christmas bits to decorate the house and give as presents but a large part of me is relieved that I can now go back to working on whatever I fancy rather than working my way through a ‘to do’ list. Of course I do have a relaxed ‘to do’ list. It mostly involves making some cardies and dresses for Little Miss in time for her making an arrival in the Spring. I haven’t let myself indulge in this up until now as firstly I was very ill to begin with and secondly I’ve had a lot to do! Now however I am enjoying being able to sit back, relax and knit up some quick cardies (baby knits are so quick to make!). Watch this space to see how I’m getting on.

Anyway, before I get onto that a quick catch up with what’s been going on here. I said before Christmas that I had been very busy but couldn’t share anything because most of what I was making were for pressies. Well I though you might like to see one thing I had a lot of fun making (if you follow me on Twitter you would have heard a lot about this but not seen any pictures yet).

IMG_0853-001Hee hee, I made little man a dinosaur cape!

IMG_0859I had to hand sew most of it because I misplaced  my sewing machine but as it turned out, that was a good thing because I was able to take it to the hospital and sit and sew while I had a fasting blood test (for those who don’t know it’s to check for diabetes, which can occur during pregnancy – the test lasts about 3 hrs, so plenty of time for sewing! Thankfully the results came back saying I was fine). I think the people in the waiting room probably thought I was mad but it meant that I got it finished!

IMG_0851Now for my latest blanket. Again if you follow me on twitter you would have heard me talking about this but not seen the fruit of my labour due to the fact I’ve only just been able to take a decent picture of it! The Saturday before Christmas a large package arrived in the post. It was was full of wool, sent over from Denmark by my lovely sister in law as a birthday present. She knows me so well! Sometimes surprise wool is even better than carefully choosing it for myself. In this case it definitely was! She actually bought me some wool a few years ago which I hadn’t used yet, so I incorporated it into the blanket. The wool is a lovely chunky mohair mix. I wanted to make a blanket as I made a small one a year ago but little man has adopted it as his own, but couldn’t really justify buying more wool to make it. So yay! It was a very quick project. I started it on the Saturday (after a few false starts working out which size hook to use as the wool band was in Danish) and finished it on Boxing (with a break on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as we were visiting my parents and they have dogs which delight in playing and chewing anything they can cheekily get their paws on). It was very relaxing to do and I’ve been using it ever since!

Finally, I’d love to know what projects you’ve got planned for this year. If you are doing or thinking of doing the 1 Granny square a day check out my friends blog. She did it last year and is doing it again this year! I love her blanket from last year, and it was wonderful reading her blog about her project as she went. She also often puts up hints and tips which are always useful!

Saturday Shopping List

Now I am sure that you are all supper organised people who have finished their Christmas Shopping and are in no way going out this weekend to do any……..but just in case, I thought I would share a couple of my favourite Folksy purchases. I haven’t done a Folksy Friday in a while (yes yes, I know it isn’t a Friday today), but it is getting very close to Christmas now and probably one of the last days you can order things online and get them in time for Christmas.

So here are my favourite last minute Christmas buys:

  Crochet blanket I love this crochet blanket by Annabel Burton. I think what I like most is her use of colours: bright enough to cheer up any winters day as you snuggle up under it.

Flower BroochYou may recognise this brooch by The Linen Cat as I have linked to her before (I love her stuff!). Her brooches are actually some of my favourite stuff that she makes. They are so versatile. I would put them on bags, hats, dresses, coats and they even inspired me to crochet some flowers to go on my kindle case. A lovely present at any time of the year!

Badger bowl I had to include this badger bowl by Julia Smith just because I love it. She does a lot of other animal related pottery (all just as sweet), so do check out her shop. I’m big on colour combinations and I think she manages to combine style with attractive colours combinations.

Blue cupsI think what I like most about these mugs by David Green (apart from the colour, which as it happens would fit beautifully into the colour scheme I have going on in my kitchen), is the beautiful fluted lines he has worked into the design. Imagine sipping your tea from one of these?! Lovely.

Pengine cupWho can help but fall in love with these little guys (designed by Beverley Gee) once you’ve seen them? Please have a look in the shop. The way she has created the penguins is delightful. I also like the yellow tree (I’m a little bias as yellow is my favourite colour but I think it’s very effective).

Owl blanketThe final thing on my Saturday Shopping list is this beautiful Children’s quilt by Carole Sampson. In my opinion this is the perfect thing for any little persons room. If we didn’t already have a number of quilts that I’ve made already, I would be very temped by this one (which is a big compliment as I suffer from the condition not uncommon amongst crafters where I admire other people’s craft but rarely buy it as I can normally make something similar myself and have the fun of the creative process at the same time).

Well that’s it for this week. I hope all your seasonal preparations are going well and you aren’t too stressed!