Super Mario Blanket

In my last post, I shared with you the two blankets I made for the little people. Well in this post I thought I’d share with you how I made the Super Mario Blanket. It’s an easy pattern (you only need to be able to make one square and then join them together) but it does take time.


I used Stylecraft Special DK from the wonderful lemonade yarns. I chose to make it this size as firstly my little man isn’t that big and secondly, I wanted him to be able to use it without it feeling too heavy. The squares are quite dense. I’ll let you know the number of balls you’ll need for each colour as well as how many squares you’ll need to make. You should get 28 squares from each ball. If you are finding you’re getting less, then you’ll need more wool (obviously). You’ll also need a 4mm hook and I’m using UK terminology.

1 ball of Green (make 22 squares)

1 ball of Yellow (make 2 squares)

2 balls of Black (make 30 squares)

2 balls of Royal Blue (make 32 squares)

2 balls of Red (make 38 squares)

2 balls of Peach (make 41 squares)

3 balls of Sky Blue (make 59 squares)


Ch = chain

ss = slip stitch

tr = treble stitch

sp = space

dc = double crochet

How to make the square:


Ch 4 and ss into first ch.

Round 1: ch5 (counts as 1tr and 2ch sp), work 4 tr into the foundation ring, ch2, work 4 tr into the foundation ring, ch2, work 4 tr into foundation ring, ch2, work 3 tr into the foundation ring and ss into the 3rd ch from the beginning of the round.

Round 2: ss into the 2ch sp from previous round and ch5 (counts as 1tr and 2ch space), work 2tr into 2ch sp, *tr in each tr from previous round, 2tr in 2ch space, ch 2, 2tr in 2ch sp* Repeat *to* 2 more times, tr in each tr from previous round, 1tr in 2ch sp and ss into 3rd ch from the beginning of the round.

Round 3: Repeat round 2 then fasten off.

Well that’s it. Now all you need to do is make many of these and join them together πŸ™‚ I joined them by dc them together along every edge but you can sew them if you prefer. Here’s a larger picture of the blanket so you can see clearly what order they go in (sorry about the quality of the picture, I have to use my phone camera and it’s not the best!).


To finish off the blanket I dc around the edge in black. I personally like it as a way to bring everything together but you don’t have to.

If you do make this blanket, I’d love to see how you get on. Please post a picture on my facebook page or tweet me.

Granny Square and birthday fun

IMG_20140307_135647681Do youΒ  remember this from my last post? Well I finally finished my blanket for little miss just in time for her birthday.


Here’s a close up

IMG_20140313_163736824 She had a lovely day. While she was asleep I blew up some balloons so that when we came down in the morning she could play with them before little man came down and took them away (he doesn’t like the idea that they could burst).

IMG_20140314_071756Here she is chasing the balloons around the room

IMG_20140314_071843Wow a year goes by really quickly! Anyway back to crafting stuff….

I’m a little late with the latest Granny Square so here it is. It wasn’t until I finished it that I realised I had already made this square but I liked it so I’m glad I worked it again .


The last few weeks of my Granny square Blanket :)

Here are the squares I’ve been making over the last 3 weeks:

IMG_20140306_144132939Week 8: When I was looking at my blanket, I realised that I needed a few more ‘solid’ looking squares so here’s one in blue to celebrate the beautiful spring sky that can be seen now the rain has mostly stopped.

IMG_20140306_144147354Week 9: Inspired by the spring flowers that are popping up all over the place.

IMG_20140306_144209571Week 10: I enjoyed the flower square so much decided to make another one πŸ™‚

And on that note, this is what I’ve been working on over the last few days:

IMG_20140307_135647681I loved the pattern for the flower squares so much that I’m going to make a flower granny square lap blanket for Little Miss.

Granny Square week 7


Well last week was the week of love apparently so I thought it was only appropriate to try and work a heart into this week’s granny square. I wasn’t sure how I was going to work the heart; it took about 3 goes to get it looking how I wanted it to. In my next blog post, I’ll give you the pattern πŸ™‚

IMG_20140215_081726-001I decided to make my third extra square this week as I found a lovely pattern with little hearts in it. I’ll be honest, I struggled with the pattern so I had toΒ  make it up (which is probably why the little hearts don’t look quite as effective as I wanted them to!).

That’s it for this week. Those of you who are doing 2014 blankets, I’d love to see them!

Granny Square Week 6

Well it’s time for the granny square for week 6 so here it is:

20140209_125237-001As you can see, I’ve already joined it to the blanket (again, I’ve been struggling to get a good picture so joined it before the weather broke enough for me to take an ok picture).

This week I have also been working on my rainbow jumper, designed by the lovely Ali Campbell. Here’s how I am coming along:

IMG_1994I know the picture is pretty awful but you get the idea! It’s worked all in one piece. I’ve done on side and am now working my way back down the other side. It feels a bit like climbing a steep hill and then coming down the other side. I am so impatient to finish it as I really want to start wearing it! In Ali’s original design the colours on the front and back don’t always match up. I’ll be honest, it looks stunning but I’m not quite confident in my colour choices to do that so I’m trying to match the front strips to the front. We’ll see how it goes!

Now we are half way through February, how are you coming along with your 2014 projects? I’d love to see what you’ve been working on πŸ™‚

Granny Square Week 5

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you are having a good weekend. Week 5 is a little late this week due to the fact that the weather has been so bad, I haven’t been able to take a good picture! Well I’ve given up and am just posting the best one I could take. So here is the square for week 5:


I loved this square when I made it for my last granny square blanket, so I decided to make it again. I wanted to start changing the colours too as I realised that so far, I’ve been using a lot of pinks. This is my attempt to get more colours into the blanket.

Here is my other attempt at more colour.


Now I know that I am meant to be working 1 square a week but I need to work 4 extra squares over the year to finish my blanket. I always crochet more in winter so I decided to work another square this week. Yellow is my favourite colour. It’s such a sunny happy colour. There have been so many grey rainy days this winter that I decided to brighten it up with a sunny square. I really enjoyed making this square as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so I sat down with my yarn and hook and played until I had a square I liked. I’ll post the pattern when the little people let me sit down and post it properly!

Here are the squares already joined to the previous squares:


Well that’s it for now. Week 6 will be up soon πŸ˜‰

Granny Squares: Weeks Two and Three

So it turns out I’m not that great at keeping my camera in a safe place where it doesn’t go walk about, hence why, although I have been crocheting my squares, you haven’t seen them yet. However, the lovely house fairies (who I swear ‘borrow’ my camera; odd socks; teaspoons and pretty much everything else I manage to misplace) did very kindly bring it back at the weekend, so here are the squares from the last few weeks (I’ve already joined them into the blanket).

IMG_1971This one is from 75 floral crochet blocks. In the book it’s inspired by spring blossom but I thought it looked a lot like the frost that delicately makes everything gently sparkle first thing in the morning at the moment. It’s made up of lots of puff stitches and chains and is easier to work than it looks. Although, I’ll be honest I did try to follow the written pattern and had to frog a few times before I decided to follow the diagram instead but once I’d switched, it was no problem and if I wasn’t quite so inept at reading patterns, I probably would have got the hang of it a lot sooner. I enjoyed trying a new stitch and getting a different effect.

IMG_1973Now you would think that this was week three’s square as the last one was week two’s however it is in fact another square for week two. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, I decided to make a blanket that is 7 by 8 squares so I need 56 squares in total. This means that I need to make 4 extra squares at some point and this is one of them. Now I said that there were a couple of reasons. I have been knitting Little Miss a cardie but have had to stop as my hand is hurting again. I can sew and crochet but knitting makes it hurt so I’m resting it. If you know me, I am completely unable to go a few days without doing something crafty and so I decided to make another square because I wasn’t brave enough to start sewing my embroidered quilt (which I mentioned a few posts ago). I have since plucked up the courage and taken the plunge. When I can get some nice pictures, I’ll show you have I’m getting on! Anyway, back to this square……I really did it because I liked the pattern. It came from 200 Crochet Blocks.

IMG_1977This is the square for week 3. It comes from this months Simply Crochet Magazine. I was going to save it for February (no prizes for guessing why) but had so much fun working it, I decided to keep it and use it for this weeks square. I guess it’s also a helpful reminder of how blessed I am. We’re in the middle of a string of illness (Little Miss had a chest infection, then I got it, now Little Man is ill….it’s like this with little people) and it’s very easy for me to get bogged down and forget how much I actually love my life. So this is a reminder πŸ™‚

Little Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern

I’ve had fun this week making a baby blanket for our new pram, so I thought I would share it with you (I know, you’re welcome). It’s a very simple blanket as it’s mostly made up of ‘granny’ squares. Here it is:

IMG_0908I used 4ply and a 3mm hook. You can either make this blanket bigger by using DK, Aran, or chunky wool (increasing the hook size); or by simply adding more squares. I’ve tried to make the pattern simple and included pictures to help you see what I mean/what it’s supposed to look like!

Here’s the pattern (I’m using UK Terminology):

ch chain

chsp chain space

dc double crochet

htr half treble

tr treble

ss slip stitch

For the squares: ch 4 then ss into first ch to form a ring.

IMG_0881Row 1: ch 3 (counts as 1tr), 2tr into ring, *ch1, 3tr*. Repeat *to* 3 times, ch1 then ss into 3rd of 3-ch from beginning of the round.

IMG_0883Row 2: Ch4 (counts as 1tr and 1ch), *miss 3tr, [3tr, ch1, 3tr into next chsp], ch1* Repeat from *to* 3 times. [3tr, ch1, 2tr] into next chsp then ss into 3rd of 4-ch from beginning of the round.

IMG_0884Row 3: ch3 (counts as 1tr), 2tr into chsp

IMG_0889Row 3 continued: *ch1 [3tr, ch1, 3tr] into corner chsp, ch1, 3tr into next chsp*. Repeat from *to* 3 times. ch1, [3tr, ch1, 3tr] into corner chsp, ch1 and ss into 3rd of 3-ch from the beginning of the round.

IMG_0891Row 4: ch4 (counts as 1tr and 1ch). 3tr into next chsp.

IMG_0895Row 4 continued: Work your way round as in the last round, working [3tr, ch1, 3tr] into each corner chsp, 3tr into the other chsp’s and ch1 over each set of 3tr from previous round. When you get back to the beginning, only work 2tr into final chsp then ss into 3rd of 4-ch from the beginning of the round.

IMG_0899Row 5: ch3 (counts as 1tr). Work your way round as in the last round, working [3tr, ch1, 3tr] into each corner chsp, 3tr into the other chsp’s and ch1 over each set of 3tr from previous round. When you get back to the beginning, ch1 then ss into 3rd of 3-ch from the beginning of the round.

IMG_0902Row 6: ch2 (counts as 1htr). Work a htr into each tr and chsp from previous round. When you get to the corners, work 3 htr into the corner chsp. When you get back to the beginning, ss into 2nd of 2-ch from the beginning of the round. Fasten off.


Make 16 of these squares then dc them together.

For the border:

Row1: ch 3 (counts as 1tr) and work 1tr into each htr from the squares. When you get to corners, [tr1, ch1, tr1] into the middle htr. When you get back to the beginning, ss into the 3rd of 3-ch.

IMG_0910Row 2: ch 5 (counts as 1tr, 2 ch). * 1tr, ch2 (missing 2tr from previous round)* . Repeat *to* except on the corner chsp where you need to [tr1, ch2, 1tr]. If you get to a corner and you can only miss 1tr from previous round, still ch2, miss 1tr and then work the corner as usual. When you get back to the beginning make sure you ch2 then ss into 3rd of 5-ch.

Row 3: ch1 (counts as 1dc), then work 1htr, 1tr, 1htr, 1dc into the next 2chsp. Carry on working round like this: [1dc, 1htr, 1tr, 1htr, 1dc] into each 2chsp. When you get back to the beginning, ss into the next 2chsp and fasten off.

IMG_0904Here’s the finished blanket, waiting to be used. By the way, if I disappear over the next few weeks, it’s hopefully because little miss has decided to join us and I’m too tired to make any sense on a blog!

The final ‘Granny Square a Day’ Blanket

It’s been a long time in the making but I’ve finally done it (big tick off my new year crafty resolutions!); here’s my finished ‘a granny square a day’ blanket. If you are new to my blog I started doing it last July and was only meant to do it for a month. However it was never finished as a certain little miss decided to make her presence known and I was so sick, I couldn’t even look at anything to do with crochet for the first 4months and couldn’t look at my blanket until a few weeks ago (I have the same problem with anything to do with the Olympics: morning (or all day and night as I like to call it) sickness is weird). Anyhow, I decided that it was time to finish my blanket. These are the final 5 squares:

IMG_8065Due to the fact that I have lost my camera I had to take these once the blanket was finished. Also I had to use my old camera which decided to be grumpy (presumably it felt neglected) and refused to focus properly (so sorry for the bad photos). This square is a simple granny square with the last two round done in dc (UK terminology) to give it a bit of added stability. I love these three colours together and think they look really pretty.Β I decided at this point that it was going to be a girlie blanket.


This square is my salute to Spring (it’s just round the corner people, I promise!). Part of my reason for doing this was to learn different techniques and effects so that I can be more versatile in the future. The decision to do two different colours of yellow was completely inspired by my love of daffodils (a spring favourite in this house) and had nothing at all to do with the fact that I ran out of the first yellow yarn (I haven’t convinced you have I?!).

IMG_8068This square was one that I had done previously and enjoyed so I thought I would add another one.

IMG_8070This time I decided to crochet a little heart to go on the square. I think the pastel blue and pink go really well together. The wool was left over from the baby blanket I made before Christmas for a friend but I bought the wool while I was on holiday and when I started this blanket.

IMG_8077I’d done this before in different colours but wanted to see what it looked like in one colour. I also felt that the blanket needed a block coloured square to tie it together.

IMG_8073This is another square that I made and enjoyed so decided to make another one. I actually lost the pattern to this one so had to work from an existing square. It was good for me to work it out and not just follow a pattern. I feel I understand crochet more than knitting and it’s given me the confidence to work out my own squares.

IMG_8063Here’s the final blanket. I’m really proud of it. Every square has a story behind it and it’s lovely for me to look back at it and remember the inspiration behind each square. I’ve even kept in a couple that I did when I was starting to feel sick (where the colours don’t quite fit). I won’t ask you which squares you think they are! I crocheted a white round in dc on each square and then dc them together. I felt that it needed a border but it had to be quite ‘light’ as anything else would detract from the blanket itself. The border is simply 1 treble, *ch 3 (missing 3 dc from previous round – which is actually the white border I did around each square), treble 1*. Repeat from *to* except in each corner where you treble 1, ch 3, treble 1 into the corner dc from previous round; until you get back to the beginning. I did it in pink and then changed to white to *dc, half treble, treble, half treble, dc* into each 3 chain space from previous round (repeat *to* in each 3 chain space until you get back to the beginning).

I know it’s not the best looking blanket in the world but I love it. It’s a great lap blanket too and has already wrapped little man up in the car on quite a few cold journey’s.